Tuscan Grill

We know from experience that virtually any menu item cooked in your Mugnaini oven will come out tasting better than if you used a typical gas range. Whether you roast, braise or bake; the benefits of deep even heat, faster cook times and the effect of the fire and flame leave their mark in a unique way. But did you know you could grill in your pizza oven too?

Grilled Steak

Grilling enthusiasts know the best results come from cooking with hardwood – the same source of fuel that your pizza oven uses. You can set your oven up for grilling by simply moving the red-hot coals forward into the mouth of the oven and setting your Tuscan Grill over the coals. It’s that easy!

Grilling PeppersGrilling

Just mention a BBQ /Grill and it’s natural to think of a big juicy steak searing in the intense heat over coals. However, grilling possibilities are endless. We frequently grill wedges of radicchio, corn on the cob, peppers and even tortillas and toast. Anything that will benefit from a fast cook time with blistering heat is game. And, when cooking over coals, you pick up more of the smokey wood flavor so feel free to add moistened flavor chips like you would on a BBQ.

Grilled Ribeye

The benefits of grilling inside your Mugnaini oven are real. Most importantly, by working in the mouth of the oven your grill is directly under the exhaust vent. This not only protects your food from a potentially harsh cold winter environment but it also directs all of the smoke up the chimney and not on you.

Ovens are usually taller too allowing you to monitor the progress of your food without having to bend over. And once your food is ready, you can just push the coals back into place and sweep the floor clean. That means you can plan an entire meal in your pizza oven, including grilling, and easily convert from pizza oven to grill and back to pizza oven in minutes.

Ribeye Prep

Here are a couple of classic recipes from the grill.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina
Ribeye Steak with Slaw

Our Tuscan Grills actually come from Tuscany and are made specifically for pizza ovens. The all welded construction will last a lifetime.

Large Tuscan Grill 15″ x 13″ (fits Medio 100 & larger ovens)

Small Tuscan Grill 10″ x 10″ (fits Piccolo 80 & larger ovens)

Important features and benefits include:

  • All stainless steel construction for fast preheat and easy cleaning.
  • Two piece design allows you to move grill top without disturbing coal bed.
  • Low 2″ height is ideal for grilling and use in pizza ovens.
  • Light weight for ease of use and storage.