Roasting a whole pig is an ancient tradition in Italy, usually reserved for special occasions and holidays. While culinary historians report that Nero’s army often feasted on whole pig that was roasted in an underground pit, spit roasting for 6 – 8 hours was the common approach until modern chefs opted for gas ovens.

Using your Mugnaini oven offers both the flavor of a wood fire and deep intense heat to achieve moist and aromatic results in less than 4 hours!

The most anticipated day of cooking in Tuscany is when we roast La Porchetta!

— Andrea Mugnaini

La Porchetta is prepared by deboning a suckling pig, seasoning and stuffing it with a boneless pork loin which is then tied up and tucked into a roasting pan. Our larger Medio 110 and Prima 120 ovens are best suited to this task.

La Porchetta Recipe

Prepare your senses for slicing into succulent roasted meat: fresh herbs and the Tuscan spice blend create one of the most appetizing aromas that will ever come from your oven.

— Andrea Mugnaini

High heat roasting for hours is one of the proving grounds for a wood fired oven. This is when preheating your oven to saturate the thermal mass under your oven floor comes into play. The flame of a fire cannot reach a surface covered by a large pan to recharge the floor. This is why we never build an oven on top of insulation board which will not store heat.

And the results speak for themselves!

Porchetta Plated