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Andrea Mugnaini’s Cookbook

Just like a cooking class in print form, this book is filled with recipes and colorful photos from our cooking school. Inside you’ll find instruction on how to properly fire and manage a wood fired oven plus make and bake pizzas and more. With almost 100 recipes, this cookbook is a perfect gift for any pizza oven owner!

Sheet Pans 

Sheet pans are a “must have” for wood fired oven cooks of all levels. The versatility of sheet pans enables you to roast potatoes and egg plant as well as work as a base for roasting chicken in a V rack. You will definitely want more than one. We offer them in a 1/4 size is 9 1/2″ by 13″ as well as a 1/2 size at 18″ by 13″.

Wood Fired Oven Mitt

Durable, flame and heat resistant Nomex material allows you to reach deep into a hot oven to retrieve cookware. The VaporGuard protects you from steam burns. Our favorite part? It’s elbow length to protect your whole arm and it’s easy to slip into. These will last for years. Best to buy in pairs.

Tuscan Grill

The most popular accessory we sell, our two-piece stainless steel grill is 13″ x 15″. Designed to work with the Medio 100 oven and up, it  allows you to cook over a bed of hot coals at the oven’s arch opening. A must have for any oven owner, you can enjoy grilling steaks, fish, bread and other foods!
Tuscan Grill

Stainless Steel Hook

A multipurpose stainless steel hook will quickly become your best friend when manning an oven. Use it to stoke coals, reposition logs and move cookware in and out of the oven. Comes in four styles, a 36″ for home use, 36″ commercial, 48″ commercial, and 55″ for commercial use.
Stainless Steel Hook

Giusto High Performer Pizza Flour

Clients are always impressed by our pizza dough. Milled to order from the highest quality, 100% dark northern spring wheat by 3rd generation millers, Giusto’s flour is our first choice. Makes the perfect pizza dough with Mugnaini’s favorite flour fresh from the mill! Comes in single 5lb bags and cases of 6 bags.

Giusto High Performer Pizza Flour


Dough Boxes

Use these boxes to store and protect your fresh dough balls for proofing. Self stacking boxes require only one lid! Available in two sizes, the small dough boxes hold 6 dough balls and fit into any refrigerator while the large ones hold 12. Lids sold separately.
pizza flour

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