Do Wood and Gas Ovens Heat the Same?

Heating an oven with wood is faster then using gas. As you burn wood, you have an accumulating coal bed sitting on the oven floor. These hot coals drive heat deep into the floor at the same time the flame is heating the overhead dome.

With the gas fueled oven, the heat source is limited to the flame only. As the flame heats the dome, it radiates down to heat the floor. Also, the gas burner is fixed in one position so you can’t move the fire around the oven.

Plan on the heating time taking 30% longer with gas.

Do Wood and Gas Ovens Cook the Same?

Once the ovens are fully heated you will achieve the same temperatures and the same bake with both fuels. However, the wood creates a more moist bake environment due to the fact that as you burn firewood it releases moisture into the bake chamber. Wood also imparts some of the flavors from the specific wood varieties.

Other Differences to Consider

  • Wood fires are not allowed in certain communities.
  • Wood needs to be stored and regularly added to the fire.
  • Wood fires can be moved forward or back and from side to side.
  • Wood ash needs to be cleaned out of the oven.
  • Gas is a very clean fuel.
  • Gas allows for a simple form of heat management during cooking.
  • Gas burners are fixed but you can choose a side during the original assembly.
  • Gas burners will eventually require cleaning and maintenance.