If you are ever driving around San Diego and you see a bright copper pizza oven rolling down the road, trust us, you should follow it. At the end of the drive, you will be treated to some amazing, authentic Neapolitan style pizza from Justin Burlingame and his highly trained staff.

Red Oven Pizza has been serving Southern California for 5 years now and they are a total hit. Justin fell in love with the simple Neapolitan style pizza when he visited Italy years ago, and has since been on the journey to producing the perfect pizza margherita. Justin cooks with high quality ingredients, many imported from Italy, to make his irresistible pies (we’re talking ingredients like prosciutto di parma, salame calabrese, pepperoncino calabrese, and mozzarella di bufala to name a few). And with such authentic ingredients, it is only right to do them justice by cooking them in a Mugnaini!

Red Oven Pizza now owns three commercial 120 mobile ovens and they don’t plan on stopping there. “We look forward to purchasing more and developing in other regions. It’s a lifelong opportunity for us.”

“Any oven can produce a decent pizza once or twice, but to be able to consistently produce 20, 30, 50, 100 pizzas per hour; the Mugnaini is the only one that can keep up with it.”
— Justin Burlingame

Justin and his crew travel to events big and small, from catering pizza parties for his children’s school to producing thousands of pizzas for the San Diego Botanical Gardens, weddings and even the San Diego Opera!

We love having Red Oven Pizza as part of our Mugnaini family! Check them out next time you’re in Southern California!

Red Oven San Diego