Shipping & Delivery

All Mugnaini Ovens are securely packed in crates. The size of these crates varies depending on the specific oven model you select.

Crate Size Varies by Oven: It’s important to note that the crate size directly correlates with the size of the oven. Larger ovens will naturally come in larger crates.

Factory Pre-assembled Oven Delivery

Upon receiving your Factory Pre-assembled Mugnaini Oven, remember that a forklift is necessary for moving it due to its size and weight. It’s crucial to first watch our instructional video for safe and efficient handling.

This careful approach ensures your oven is installed safely and remains in perfect condition for your culinary enjoyment.

Masonry Oven Kit Delivery

Unlike the pre-assembled models, these kits can be conveniently moved using a pallet jack.

Ensure that the delivery area is suitably prepared for a pallet jack maneuver. This streamlined approach adds to the ease and convenience of setting up your Mugnaini Masonry Oven Kit.