We are always happy to share the wood fired oven experience, especially with magazines and social media. Still, it came as a surprise when an edition of Flower Mound Style arrived at the office and no one recognized the name.

Inside we found this flattering article on Mugnaini ovens that came from an interview conducted months earlier. Of course, we had to google Flower Mound to see where this name came from and what all the excitement is about.

Fire It Up

Flower Mound is a small community outside of Dallas, Texas, named for the 50-foot high 12-acre hill that locates the town. It seems the early pioneers never plowed the mound allowing abundant wild flowers to grow. Long considered a landmark, it is preserved by The Flower Mound Foundation and boasts over 175 species of wild flowers and rare prairie grasses!

This small town of 68,000 even charmed DMagazine.com getting rated 8th on their Best Suburbs in North Texas list. According to the FM Style website: “It goes without saying; Flower Mound, Texas, is a wonderful community, full of great people who enjoy a very high quality of life.” FM Style supports that community with articles like “Character Counts”, “The Art of Being Neighborly” and “Howdy Folks!” FloMo sounds like the right place to stoke the hearth and settle in to some home cooking, dare we say, Mugnaini Style!