Once you’ve chosen your pizza oven model, the next question will be which method of assembly is best suited to your home. The decision of using a Masonry Kit vs a Preassembled Oven is not a right or wrong choice but one that fits your specific project’s installation needs.

Regardless of the assembly method used, it’s helpful to understand that the exact same oven model is used whether you choose a masonry construction or a preassembled oven.

One thing to keep in mind is that the same model oven takes up less space in Preassembled form. This is because the walls on a preassembled oven will be less than an inch on each side and concrete blocks at least 6 inches on each size. In addition, masonry work can be time consuming versus unloading and placing an oven from a truck in an hour’s time.

Our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you or your contractor in evaluating which assembly method is best suited for your pizza oven.

Masonry Kits

The Masonry Kit oven comes in a series of individual modular pieces for assembly on site in your home or backyard. Following our detailed instructions, the supporting base for the oven and the enclosure around it, are built on site by a mason or builder using concrete blocks. This style of assembly allows for maximum flexibility in the exterior design and shape.

The Masonry Kits are a good choice for outdoor installations where there might be a lot of masonry construction already planned. Any retainer walls, counters, BBQ, patios, pool, etc., require the same equipment and training as building a pizza oven using a Masonry Kit.

Many homes are not able to receive or place a fully assembled oven. The Masonry Kit is an answer to this because you are able to bring in individual oven components. However, our Preassembled Ovens are also available in knock-down form for limited access locations.

In the case of using a heavy stone veneer, a Masonry Kit is the only choice as that stone is too heavy to be applied to the metal-framed Preassembled oven roofs.

Preassembled Oven

Mugnaini Preassembled Ovens are built in our factory and shipped to your home or job site. We use the same technology as we use on our commercial ovens. These are fully assembled appliances built on a structural steel stand and are available in many sizes and shapes.

These ovens require no assembly on location and are ready to connect to a chimney and receive any decorative exterior finishes you may wish to apply. In addition, Mugnaini can finish your oven with stucco, tile or cultured stone and paint prior to shipping.

Typically, a Preassembled Oven is used for indoor installations due to its cost efficiency, lighter weight and smaller footprint. This is also a good choice for decks or second story installations with weight restrictions.

Builder Friendly: Since the oven is received as a fully assembled appliance it’s easier for the builder and limits the amount of construction on site. Even a contractor with no experience with pizza ovens will be able to swiftly install a Preassembled Oven.

A Preassembled Oven is also a good choice for freestanding outdoor applications or ones that are integrated into modular cabinets or counter units.

Since these ovens are heavy, due diligence is required to ensure a safe path from delivery truck to the job site is available. Once on level ground, a pallet jack is used to set the oven in it’s final location. Our installation manual provides details for your planning.

Preassembled “Knock Down” Oven Kits

This choice is a very useful option for installations with limited access. One of our Preassembled Ovens is shipped in pieces so that it can be reassembled inside your home or yard. The “Knock Down” kit includes everything you need to build an oven just like we do in our factory.

Some of the pieces are heavy so it is always best to contact our office for advice. Most contractors are adept at moving large equipment and appliances so it is definitely a viable option for challenging installations.