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Where to Start?

You’re ready to purchase a wood fired oven for your home. We’re here to help you through the process by identifying the questions you should be asking and the answers that work for your situation.

Some questions to ask:
  • Indoors or outdoors? You’ll need the proper floor space and venting – a chimney must be run out the top of the roof
  • Outdoors your oven can anchor a complete outdoor kitchen or landscaping project
  • Do we have the space for it? Open-hearth ovens are usually deeper than most appliances and weigh more, so floors may need to be reinforced
  • A 6′ square oven is an ideal size to satisfy the needs of any family and parties of any size
  • Do I want it delivered ready to go, or custom fit to my space?
  • How often will I use it?
  • What do I want to bake?
  • Do I want wood fired or gas?
  • How much do aesthetics mean to me?
  • What kind of training can I get for using it?

Selecting a Model & Size

Where will you put your oven?
  • Masonry construction is impressive and attractive, but it takes more space and requires a mason to help install. They need a foundation so the installation; must be on a ground floor.
  • Pre-assembled ovens are ready for delivery easy to install, but you’ll need a fork-lift and full size access to install
  • Don’t install at all. Mugnaini has wonderful new option, the Piccolo 75, which is on wheels and you can take with you should you move or take on weekend getaways!
How will you use your oven?
  • Personal and family
  • Entertaining larger groups
  • Mostly pizza
  • Pizza and more
  • Pizza and a lot more

Much more than a pizza oven.

Your oven can be an amazingly versatile culinary dream come true; look at the possibilities:

  • Wood-fired pizza
  • Superior sautés and brazing
  • Flameless roasting and baking
  • High heat roasting
  • Hearth baked breads
  • Delicious desserts
  • Grilling over wood coals

Wood or Gas?

Wood Fired Ovens

The Italian wood burning pizza oven has withstood the test of time and emerged as the ideal cooking appliance for both great food and entertaining.

The high temperature and the ability to cook right next to a roaring fire transforms ordinary food into delicious meals. To cook like this, you need more than an appliance labeled “pizza oven”, you need proper cooking dynamics. With a Mugnaini oven your menu is unlimited!

Gas Ovens

We offer a gas option for all our ovens, however we recommend wood-fired if possible. A gas burner inside a pizza oven simply cannot put off as much heat as a wood fire. The real power of the oven comes from coal bed under your fire, reaching 1200 – 1400 degrees F. No gas burner ever reaches those temperatures nor can it mimic the live flame of wood. We have taught our wood burning technique to many homeowners and you’ll find it second nature in no time.


Pre-assembled or Masonry Kit?

There are two basic ways to install a wood fired oven; using a masonry oven kit to build from scratch or one of our pre-built factory assembled models. Either method uses the same Valoriani modular oven on the inside so the end result is equally effective.

Masonry Kits

Masonry Oven Kits are built on your site using concrete blocks with a concrete and sand layer that creates the thermal mass under the floor for deep, even heat. These specifications can be modified with a variety of roof styles to compliment your homes architecture.

The Masonry Kits are a good choice for outdoor installations where there might be a lot of masonry construction already planned—retainer walls, counters, BBQ, patios, pool, etc., or if the exterior design includes heavy finish materials like natural stone.


Mugnaini Factory Pre-Assembled Ovens ship fully assembled and ready for chimney attachment and finish work. Available in 6 standard shapes, these ovens offer a contractor friendly solution that guarantees your oven will be properly assembled with the essential thermal mass to perform like a wood burning pizza oven should!

  • Delivered as a fully assembled appliance it’s easier for the builder to bring in and limits the amount of construction.
  • Ready to hookup to venting and normally involves just cladding.
  • Peace of mind knowing the skilled technicians at Mugnaini built the oven, leaving your construction team to simply apply the desired decorative finish material.
  • Or, the oven can come with finish materials applied at the Mugnaini production facility to your specifications.
  • A pre-assembled oven is used for freestanding outdoor applications, or one that might be integrated into modular cabinets/counter units.
  • You will require a forklift on the property to remove the oven from the truck and will therefore need a clear, flat approach to the installation location.
  • If it’s going indoors, make sure there is an opening large enough to get the oven through to the inside.

Mugnaini Oven Models

Find the right oven for your home.


Medios are the most popular home ovens as the balance of thermal mass is specific to the homeowner who is going to use the oven less frequent, such as once a week, twice a month, etc. The slightly lighter thermal mass is perfect for home use and allows the homeowner to bring the oven up to maximum temperature within the hour. This is an important feature as every time the majority of homeowners fire their oven it is from room temperature.

Medio 100

38” X 43” cooking area
Medio 100 Pre-Assembled   |   Medio 100 Masonry Kit

Medio 110

43” X 48” cooking area
Medio 110 Pre-Assembled   |   Medio 110 Masonry Kit


Piccolos are identical to the Medios just smaller in overall size. And the Piccolo 60 and Piccolo 75 is a portable oven complete with wheels.

Piccolo 80

31” X 35” cooking area
Piccolo 80 Pre-Assembled   |   Piccolo 80 Masonry Kit

Piccolo 60

23.5” cooking area
Piccolo 60

Piccolo 75

29.5” cooking area
Piccolo 75


The Prima 100 and 120 are the two smallest commercial ovens, which Mugnaini offers in the residential line as well. Given the greater thermal mass and production efficiency, these ovens are perfect if you plan on heavy use, several times a week, plan for large scale entertaining, or wants to bake multiple loads of bread. These ovens will absorb and store more heat making the frequent usage more efficient.

The home client operating a Prima oven has the same advantage as the commercial users with residual carryover heat in the range of 400 degrees from day to day, perfect for baking bread the morning after a delicious dinner.

Prima 100

38” X 42” cooking area
Prima 100 Pre-Assembled   |   Prima 100 Masonry Kit

Prima 120

48” X 52” cooking area
Prima 120 Pre-Assembled   |   Prima 120 Masonry Kit

Superior Quality & Unmatched Reliability

Mugnaini Wood Fired Ovens is America’s most experienced and complete wood fired oven company. We have dedicated ourselves to the Art of Wood Fired Cooking since 1989 when we partnered with Refrattari Valoriani, the inventor of modular pizza oven components. Mugnaini wood fired ovens are the industry standard for performance, practicality and longevity – a true evolutionary step in wood fired pizza ovens. As a company, we pride ourselves on our customer service as much as the quality of our ovens. Our experience with every facet of specifying, building and cooking with wood fired ovens guarantees you will be getting the best working oven for your project.

Mugnaini ovens are found at the Culinary Institute of America, Chez Panisse, Sunset’s demonstration kitchen and have graced the pages of a variety of magazines. Chefs and homeowners across the country rely on Mugnaini to provide them with the best products and techniques to realize the authentic wood fired cooking experience. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor wood fired pizza oven, Mugnaini delivers the highest quality product and the best customer service imaginable.

Customer Service

At Mugnaini we look at the purchase as the beginning of a relationship not a transaction. 

We pride ourselves on providing clients with knowledgeable customer service and sales support. It’s the hallmark of our brand. This Sales Protocol document is a resource that will guide you as you walk customers through the buying experience. It is our unique quality product, the deep understanding of the installation process and instruction in the lifelong use of our ovens that sets us apart in the marketplace. When you have contact with potential or existing customers, you become the face of Mugnaini — a friendly, skillful extension of our brand; further validating us as leaders in the industry.

Training & Resources

We invite you to come in and see us in our Healdsburg showroom/factory when you’re visiting Sonoma Wine Country. We’ll be happy to show you around the facility and answer all your open-hearth oven questions!

Cooking Classes

Andrea Mugnaini shares her wood fired oven techniques developed over two decades of cooking in wood fired pizza ovens. Join in the fun and excitement of wood fired cooking at one of our ideally located wood fired cooking schools.

Our classes feature proper wood fired oven fundamentals essential to successful cooking and a complete meal cooked in the pizza oven. Class sizes are limited to provide the expert advice and personal attention you need to learn how to get the most out of your oven.

Demonstration Classes
Learn all about wood-fired oven cooking in this three-hour class

Hands-On Cooking Classes
Our four hour hands-on class includes lunch!

Private Classes
Customized classes for families and groups