Not long ago pizza ovens were recognized by a few endearing features: an elevated hearth, a brick lined opening and a chimney coming up through a large masonry structure. Today there is an exhausting list of appliances all trying to claim the title Pizza Oven.

After her first experience with building a domestic pizza oven, Andrea Mugnaini went to Italy seeking a replacement. She was directed to Forni Valoriani — the company that developed the first prefabricated pizza oven in 1945. As they say, the rest is history.

Andrea brought back more than pizza ovens in 1989. She also brought back the knowledge of how a pizza oven holds deep, even heat and how to build one to last a lifetime. We honor these principles in every oven we build. There’s no shortcuts to quality or performance.

In this video, Andrea describes how and why we build our ovens The Mugnaini Way. And that’s something you’ll appreciate every time you cook in your Mugnaini oven.