Versatility is one of the hallmarks of a Mugnaini oven and as the season of summertime cooking is upon us we thought we’d share some options as you tackle the bigger questions like “What should we cook this weekend?”

Eventually, all wood fired oven owners will want to venture beyond pizza. Our annual holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are ideal times to revisit the American favorites near and dear to our hearts.

Backyard grilling is an American tradition but did you know you could grill inside your oven? We consider a Tuscan Grill an essential part of any oven.

A Tuscan Grill extends the range of your pizza oven. It’s the one time you don’t need to preheat your oven to cook — all you need is a bed of hot coals!
— Andrea Mugnaini

Another option is to use your oven floor like a cook top. Fire your oven for a roasting environment and remember, the floor is always hottest next to the fire and in the back of the oven. By paying attention to these temperature zones you can move your cookware accordingly to cook various menu items.

Restaurant grade sheet pans are wonderful for cooking a wide range of food. We load them up with corn on the cob, skewers, buns and really anything you need to warm up and retrieve easily from the oven.

When it comes to cooking for a large crowd, multiple cast iron griddles will allow you to fill your oven floor with food. Much like your pizza oven, the dense cast iron will hold deep heat and offer great results. Look for a built-in grease gutter and reversible flat or ridged cooking surfaces. Be sure to preheat well.

Nothing says summer like fresh peaches! A cast iron skillet offers the extra touch for perfect crust on this peach cobbler. Whatever you’re cooking this summer, you can cook it in your Mugnaini oven. We’ll show you how!