Choosing the size of your future pizza oven is a good first step in determining which oven model will work best for you. Naturally, you need to think about how you wish to use your new oven. The different size ovens essentially cook the same, they just vary in capacity. When it comes to pizza, they only take 2 minutes to bake so fitting 2-3 pizzas at a time is very effective. For other menu items you will want enough space to fit multiple pans inside.

This Residential Oven Comparison Chart lists all dimensions and capacities for quick referencing.

Mugnaini’s standard advice is that if you have the space, try and integrate one larger than the Piccolo to fit the available space. Even though the Piccolo cooks very well, we have experienced that it is easier to work within the larger arch opening and deck space of the other models as you have more turnaround room for roasting pans and pizzas. For over 30 years we have experienced through our clients that the two Medio’s meet the cooking and entertaining needs of most clients.

The startup times are similar among all the models and range from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours, so the installation dimensions and the cooking capacity is what needs to be evaluated in order to determine the best size for you and your project.

Thermal mass is the term used to describe the heat holding aspect of an oven.

Piccolo & Medio

  1. Medios are the most popular home ovens as the balance of thermal mass is specific to the homeowner who is going to use the oven a few times a week or a few times a month, etc.
  2. The slightly lighter thermal mass is perfect for home use and allows the homeowner to bring the oven up to maximum temperature within the hour.
  3. This is an important feature because most of the time when a homeowner fires their oven it is from room temperature.
  4. Functionally Piccolos are identical to the Medios just smaller in overall size and therefore their capacity.


  1. The Prima 100 and 120 are the two smallest commercial ovens which Mugnaini offers in the residential line as well.
  2. Given the increase in thermal mass and production efficiency, these ovens are selected for the home client who is going to use it several times a week, plan for large scale entertaining, or is an avid bread baker.
  3. These ovens will absorb and store more heat making the frequent usage more efficient.
  4. The home client operating a Prima oven will have the same advantage as the commercial users with residual carryover heat in the range of 400 degrees from day to day.
  5. Or, often times the Primas are just the most appropriate and compatible choice for a custom home that already has other commercial grade appliances or the home chef with professional level capabilities.

Every Mugnaini Oven Model Has Its Advantage

Piccolo 60 A portable option for those who don’t have the possibility to install a traditional pizza oven. Designed to be lightweight, this model still uses the same materials in the floor and dome as all our ovens.

Piccolo 80 This model is another space saver. It’s compact size makes it a good addition to any kitchen. While we do recommend going larger if you have the room, many Piccolo 80 owners have repurchased the same size.

Medio 100/110 These are our most popular models and have proven to be the best choice for most homeowners. The ideal thermal mass for home use allowing you to fire the oven in under 1 hour and transition between pizza temperature and roasting or baking in a matter of minutes, not hours.

Prima 100/120 Large scale entertaining, high volume cooking, and frequent usage, are all activities that will benefit from higher thermal mass. The Prima ovens are also the choice of celebrity chef and those who want to cook like them.