Purely pizza?

Of course, if you’re interested in maximizing pizza production, just load the pizzas onto the hotter side of the deck and then rotate to the cooler side once they achieve the spring on the dough and start to establish a speckled char on the perimeter of the crust. Moving to the cooler side ensures that the pizza, especially the heavier topped ones, are fully baked. It also opens up space for uncooked pizzas, so you can keep up with the demands of high production. In the case of the 160 x 160 you could easily bake over 100 pizzas an hour.

Beyond the Pizza — Cooking in the Zones

In wood fire ovens, the fire is positioned either to the left or right side of the deck during cooking. Temperatures vary in relation to the size of the fire; both side to side as well as front to back. These variances are referred to as “heat zones” and this allows for the versatile style of cooking called “zone temperature cooking”.

Expand your menu with zone temperature cooking in a Mugnaini oven.

Versatile and Efficient

The wider the deck dimension, the more heat zones and the greater the temperature differential as you move further away from the hot coal bed and live flame. This allows for multiple styles of cooking simultaneously within the oven.  For example, baking pizza in the hotter zone next to the fire and alternate items on the slightly cooler side of the oven; pan seared lamb chops, scallops, shrimp, vegetables, etc.

And it’s not just optimizing your space, it’s also time — the 160×160 (and all our commercial ovens) provide a 24-hour heat cycle, so you can bake bread or pastries in the same oven the morning after a busy evening of cooking pizzas and other foods.

Learn more about the 160 x 160 oven in our quick video!