Vitta Pizza & Mugnaini: Wood-Fired Oven Excellence

Vitta Pizza Wood-Fired Oven Excellence

Vitta Pizza and the Heart of Wood-Fired Tradition: The Mugnaini Commercial 140 Oven

In the scenic locales of Duluth and the Twin Ports of Minnesota, Vitta Pizza stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of Neapolitan pizza. Behind this culinary marvel are Brad and Christie Erickson, local entrepreneurs who embarked on their pizza journey with a simple yet profound vision: to bring authentic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza to Duluth, Minnesota. Central to this vision are their Mugnaini Commercial 140 wood-fired ovens, which have become more than just equipment; they are the beating heart of Vitta Pizza.

A Tale of Two Ovens

The journey began in 2011 when the Ericksons opened the doors to their first Vitta Pizza location. Understanding the critical role of an authentic wood-fired oven in creating true Neapolitan pizza, they chose Mugnaini, a brand synonymous with quality and tradition. The Mugnaini Commercial 140 oven, with its exquisite stucco dome enclosure, was not just a purchase; it was a commitment to authenticity and excellence.

Fast forward to July 2021, amidst the uncertainty of global logistics shaken by Covid, the Ericksons placed their order for a second Mugnaini oven for their new Vitta Pizza location. Despite facing “scary delays” with the shipping from Italy, their dedication and patience paid off. The oven arrived in Duluth in 2022, just in time for the grand opening of their second restaurant, solidifying Vitta Pizza’s presence as a cornerstone of wood-fired cuisine in the region.

The Mugnaini Difference

Mugnaini’s Commercial 140 oven excels in even heat distribution, key for perfect Neapolitan pizza crust. Its stucco dome is also a visual masterpiece, adding warmth and appeal. This blend of function and art makes it central to Vitta Pizza’s venues.

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More Than Just Pizza

Vitta Pizza, led by the Ericksons, is loved by locals and visitors. It’s where people unite for carefully made, proudly served meals. Their focus on quality ingredients and wood-fired cooking has made Vitta Pizza dear to many.

A Culinary Beacon in Duluth

Today, Vitta Pizza transcends its role as a restaurant. It shines as a hub of culinary skill and a meeting spot for pizza lovers. Its Mugnaini Commercial 140 ovens symbolize a commitment to heritage and excellence, turning every pizza into an art piece.

The Ericksons’ path with Vitta Pizza and Mugnaini reflects the strength of passion and perseverance. They keep impressing diners in Duluth and beyond, inspiring food lovers everywhere.

Experience the authentic charm of wood-fired Neapolitan pizza at Vitta Pizza. See firsthand how Mugnaini ovens drive their success.

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