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Orsi Family Vineyards

Orsi Family Vineyards: Embracing Italian Heritage in Sonoma County

The Orsi Family has been growing grapes in Sonoma County for over 30 years, with a deep connection to the land and a commitment to sustainable farming practices. It was not until three years ago that Orsi opened their first tasting room just outside of Healdsburg. Although Orsi grows many of the grape varieties more common to Sonoma County, their focus of the wines they make are from Italian varieties. “We like to say that we are “unapologetically Italian,” and this has carried over into the theme of our tasting room, where you will find many Italian things like ceramics, glassware, and foods.” states Mark Orsi.

The Prima 120

“Nothing says Italian more than a wood-fired pizza oven, and there is not a better pizza oven than a Mugnaini! We have been making and serving pizzas for almost three years now!” says Mark. Orsi Vineyards utilize a free-standing Prima 120 with a terra cotta brick arch and a white stucco barrel roll finish. Their oven is located on their gorgeous outdoor patio.

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More About Prima 120

Start Up Time | 75-90 Mins
Heat Holding | 450 Overnight
Fits 6 – 12″ Pizzas

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Mugnaini & Orsi Family Vineyards

The Famous Ferocious Picco 75 has become more than a phenomenon in Connecticut—it’s a symbol of culinary community and innovation. It challenges individuals to think differently about how food can be prepared and enjoyed. As families continue to gather around their Piccolo ovens each week, they’re not just making pizza; they’re making history, one delicious slice at a time.

For anyone passionate about pizza and community, the Famous Ferocious Piccolo 75 is a beacon of tradition and creativity, proving that some of the best dining experiences are those we create together, fueled by fire and friendship.

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At Mugnaini, each pizza oven isn’t just an appliance; it’s a cornerstone of countless memorable meals and gatherings. Now, we’re excited to showcase your unique stories and the incredible dishes that have emerged from your Mugnaini ovens.

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