From Pizza Stone to Outdoor Pizza Oven

From Pizza Stone to Outdoor Pizza Oven

Tom Remillard’s Transformation: From Pizza Stone to Outdoor Pizza Oven

Tom Remillard’s culinary voyage began modestly with a pizza stone and an Alton Brown dough recipe. But 2019’s adversity—a fire that claimed their home—became an unexpected catalyst for change, leading to the reimagination of their living and cooking spaces. The reconstruction introduced three new outdoor pillars: a Santa Maria grill, a Green Egg, and crucially, an outdoor stone pizza oven.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

The search for the perfect backyard complement ended with the acquisition of a Medio 100 from Mugnaini. This outdoor pizza oven promised to fulfill Tom’s burgeoning passion for authentic pizza making. The Medio 100 wasn’t just a fit for the space; it embodied the potential for culinary exploration and excellence.

Mugnaini Guidance

Mugnaini’s team played a pivotal role, offering unmatched support from the initial curing of the oven to the mastery of the first pizza—guidance that was especially invaluable during the challenges of the COVID pandemic. Tom spent three years refining his pizza skills: managing the fire, perfecting the sauce, and tweaking the dough. He aimed to transform the pizza eating experience, surpassing standard commercial pizzas. Using the oven at 700 degrees, Tom’s pizzas cook in 1.5 to 2 minutes. His dough achieves a clean char and nice crust rise. He’s committed to honing his pizza-making skills further, aiming for the perfect leopard spots on his crust, and plans to take cooking classes at Mugnaini.

The Medio 100

The Medio 100 oven has become more than an appliance; it is the heart of family gatherings and parties. It stands testament to the power of cooking to bring people together, creating moments and memories that define familial bonds and friendships.

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Cooking Classes at Mugnaini

Looking forward, Tom aspires to deepen his knowledge and skills by attending classes in Healdsburg, seeking to refine his technique under the guidance of the experts from whom he first learned. His journey from a simple pizza stone to a beloved outdoor stone pizza oven reflects a story of growth, resilience, and the pursuit of passion. This narrative that resonates with many who cherish the simple pleasure of a well-made pizza.

Tom Remillard’s experience is a compelling testament to the transformative power of the outdoor stone pizza oven, not just as a tool for cooking, but as a catalyst for community, learning, and personal achievement.

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