The Moceri Family and Their Wood Fired Oven

Moceri Wood Fired Oven by Mugnaini

The Moceri Family and Their Mugnaini Oven: Crafting a Legacy

Since the dawn of the new millennium, the Moceri family has embarked on an extraordinary culinary journey with a Valoriani oven from Mugnaini, churning out countless pizzas and capturing the hearts of many. Gerardo’s Pizzeria, a family treasure, first opened its doors in Payson, Arizona. They introduced the allure of wood-fired pizza with their wood fired oven to a town previously unfamiliar with this culinary delight.

The Journey From Learner to Master

Gerardo Jr., even before he could peek into the oven, began mastering its flames, a testament to a passion ignited early in life. Today, Gerardo’s Pizzeria finds its home in Sedona, Arizona, elevating wood-fired pizza to unparalleled heights. The secret? A blend of traditional Italian techniques, learned hands-on by Gerardo Jr. and his father, now served to an eager new community.

More than Just Pizza

This isn’t just a business; it’s a mission. Gerardo’s Pizzeria stands as a beacon of purpose, education, and sustainability. Among its noble endeavors is educating hospitality students from Northern Arizona University on the ins and outs of restaurant management, a valuable real-world experience beyond textbooks.

Commitment to Sustainability

Another layer of this mission is the pizzeria’s commitment to sustainable agriculture through their partnership with Shepherd’s Grain. This company champions regenerative agriculture, ensuring the wheat for Gerardo’s pizzas is nothing short of nutritious. It’s a commitment to supporting farmers who nurture the land, encouraging a shift towards sustainable practices in the wider pizza-making community.

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The Art of Dough

The dough at Gerardo’s, a playful and innovative mix of 00, high-gluten, and whole wheat flours, ferments for a minimum of 48 hours. This process results in a crust that’s simultaneously soft and crunchy, alive with flavor and texture.

Geraldo’s Pizzeria

At the heart of Gerardo’s Pizzeria stand two Mugnaini ovens, adorned with tiles that narrate the rich history and bright future of the establishment. These ovens are more than just cooking appliances; they are storytellers, conversation starters, and the soul of the pizzeria.

Moceri Family Mugnaini Oven

Passion Meets Tradition

Gerard Moceri’s journey with Mugnaini is a testament to the power of passion, tradition, and innovation. It’s a story of a family’s dedication to not just making pizza, but making a difference. As Gerardo’s continues to serve up slices of joy, it remains a pillar of the community and a proud proponent of culinary excellence and sustainability. Here’s to many more years of wood-fired wonders from the heart of Sedona, shared with pizza lovers everywhere.

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