The Commercial 140 Pizza Oven at Molti Amici, Healdsburg, CA

Molti Amici Mugnaini

The Commercial 140 Pizza Oven at Molti Amici

Located just off the plaza, Molti Amici is an Italian eatery in downtown Healdsburg where friends and family can gather to share good food, laughter, and a game of bocce ball. Molti Amici, which loosely translates to “Many Friends” in Italian, is more than just a place to dine. It’s a gathering spot where friends and family can come together. Food has a unique power to connect people, and their mission is to create a warm and welcoming space that encourages meaningful connections and nourishes the body and soul. A major contributor to this is the Commercial 140 Pizza Oven from Mugnaini.

Molti Amici: Many Friends

The mantra at Molti Amici is Molti Amici; it is a place to be enjoyed with many friends while dining on wood fired pizzas, pastas, and entrees. Pizzas from their Mugnaini 140 Wood Fired Oven are the ultimate item to share and enjoy as a group. Blistered and airy crusts complement an array of locally sourced ingredients, artfully placed to feed the eyes and mouths.

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Classic Italian Inspiration

Molti Amici restaurant is inspired by classic Italian dishes with a more contemporary presentation. They respect the time-honored traditions of from scratch cooking, fresh and local ingredients, and simplicity. Their pizza looks like individual works of art painted by the pizzaiolo with their Commerical 140 Mugnaini oven

Image by: Martha Cromar

Mugnaini & Molti Amici

The collaboration between Mugnaini and Molti Amici in Healdsburg, CA, is a beautiful example of how the Mugnaini oven fits perfectly in a community minded restaurant. The Commercial 140 Pizza Oven, with its one-of-a-kind tile finish, is more than just an addition to Molti Amici – it’s a reflection of their love for classic Italian cookery and creating memorable experiences for all who dine there.

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