Diavola Restaurant & Mugnaini

Diavola Restaurant & Mugnaini

The Commercial 160 x 140 Pizza Oven at Restaurant, Geyserville, CA

Set in a historic landmark dating back to the 1900’s, Diavola celebrates the seasons of California with an Italian state of mind. Their rustic, daily changing menu features carefully sourced meats, fish & produce from local farms, ranches & fisheries guided by principles of sustainability: the Commercial 160 x 140 Pizza Oven from Mugnaini sits front and center as you walk into their dining room. This isn’t just an oven; it’s a symbol of Diavola’s commitment to time honored traditions.

Diavola Restaurant: Italian Tradition

Chef & owner Dino Bugica spent over ten years in Italy learning the art of butchery and cucina povera: keeping time honored Italian tradition alive by using the most basic locally available ingredients combined with recipes that have been proven through the centuries. In addition to pizzas he showcases these recipes, like “Chicken Under a Brick”, using his Mugnaini oven.

The Commercial 120 Mobile Trailer

Diavola also operates a Mugnaini 120 Mobile Oven Trailer for its catering department.  This allows them to bring the joys of pizza and classic Italian cookery to wineries and events of all sizes. 

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More About Mobile 120 Pizza Oven Trailer

Fits 6 – 12″ Pizzas | 100 per hour
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An Oven Like No Other

The Mugnaini Commercial 160 x 140 Oven at Diavola is a perfect example of customization, with its one-of-a-kind design installation.  It has been fired every morning since its installation in 2008 , by Dino’s father Gary, and continues to be the focal point of the dining room.

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More About The Mugnaini Commercial 160 x 140 Oven

Fits 12 – 12″ Pizzas | 200 per hour

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Mugnaini & Diavola Restaurant

The collaboration between Mugnaini and Diavola in Geyserville, CA, began in 2008.  It continues to this day when we direct all our potential clients to Diavola to see and taste the food prepared in their Commercial 160 x 140 Pizza Oven when they visit the Mugnaini factory and showroom.