Pizza ovens have traditionally been assembled using concrete blocks, cement, sand and other masonry materials. These materials offer structural support and when built according to our masonry plans, create thermal mass which results in deep, even heat. However, a masonry structure is very heavy and cannot be moved.

Our preassembled ovens are engineered using to deliver the same performance and longevity found in masonry assemblies. The difference is they can be moved, are much lighter, and size for size, will take up less space. This is a win-win situation for home ovens.

Mugnaini Preassembled Pizza Ovens are fully assembled appliances that ship on a structural metal stand. They’re available in many sizes and shapes. They do not require assembly on location and are ready for connection to a chimney. They can remain freestanding or framed in and finished with any decorative finishes you may wish to apply. Mugnaini can also build your oven with your selection of finish materials such as tile or stucco and ship from our factory fully painted.

  • Ideal for indoor use Typically, a preassembled oven is used for indoor installations due to its cost efficiency, lighter weight and smaller footprint. This is also a good choice for decks requiring less weight.
  • Builder friendly Since the oven is received as a fully assembled appliance it’s easier for the builder to bring in and limits the amount of construction on site.
  • Built-In Model If the oven is going to be framed in so that only the front side is exposed to the room, then the “Built-in” model is the appropriate selection.
  • Variety of Shapes If the oven is going to be freestanding within a kitchen or in a backyard, you may select from the various shapes to obtain the look you want – Dome shapes, Gable, Hip, Flat Roof, Barrel Roll, etc.
  • Chimney Ready The oven is ready to connect to venting for a safe installation.
  • Easy Framing A Preassembled oven is a good choice for freestanding outdoor applications, or ones that might be integrated into modular cabinets/counter units.
  • Forklift Required It is important to determine if the site can accommodate the delivery and that you have a clear, flat approach to the installation location for moving the oven into its place, whether it is an indoor or outside installation.